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Surplus Military Hummer

Surplus Military Hummer
Finding a surplus military Hummer
can often sound easier than it
really is.

The media coverage of the Gulf War made consumers aware of the durable Humvee and its possibilities. Soon, drivers in the Unites States as well as abroad started to crave their own military Humvee. Finding a surplus military Hummer was however difficult, and still is. Today, you can of course opt for one of the civilian Hummers. Getting a civilian Hummer H1, Hummer H2 or Hummer H3 is much easier than finding a surplus military Hummer for sale. The civilian Hummer H1 is actually very similar to the military Hummer, only slightly more comfortable. Despite this, many drivers still feel that they want the real thing; they want a true military Humvee – not civilian imitations.  

It is hard to find a surplus military Hummer

Only a small amount of surplus military Hummers enter the market each year, since the military prefer to keep their Hummers and continue to use them until they are completely beyond repair. Remember, if you can fix up a busted Hummer, so can the skilled military auto repair people. The Hummer is really easy to repair, since creating military transport vehicles that are difficult to mend would be a really unwise decision. Even an untrained soldier must be able to fix minor vehicle problems in the field; and the trained mechanics back at the camp or in the United States will take care of pretty much any advanced Hummer related trouble and send the Hummer back into work. A surplus military Hummer is therefore a rare thing.

The hunt for a surplus military Hummer

If you are serious about getting a surplus military Hummer and is willing to dedicate time as well as money and effort to the project, a military surplus sale is usually your best bet. Military surplus sales are held regularly, but only a few of them will even feature a surplus Hummer. When a surplus military Hummer finally shows up during a surplus sale, it will typically auction out to the highest bidder. Many companies know the surge for used military Hummers and are therefore ready to spend vast amount of money even on a badly damaged military Hummer. The price is therefore inclined to rise rapidly during surplus military Humvee auctions.
The purchasing company will then spend even more money fixing the Hummer up, before selling them of to a rich client. If you are such as rich client, you can of course contact one of these companies directly and ask them to get you a surplus military Hummer. That way, you do not have to spend your time chasing military Hummers on military surplus auctions. For the rest of us, the feasible way of getting a surplus military Hummer without having to file for bankruptcy is to continue visiting surplus sales and keeping our fingers crossed.

The civilian alternative to the surplus military Hummer

The Hummer H2 and Hummer H3 are quite different from their military ancestor, but the Hummer H1 is actually very similar to a surplus military Hummer. If you do not have enough time, money and patients to get a surplus military Hummer, a civilian Hummer H1 is actually a pretty good alternative. If you get a Hummer H1 you will also know for sure that it fulfills any requirement for driving on public roads, such as safety legislation. For certain drivers, this will however never be enough since they want the thrill of owning a vehicle that’s been carrying troops and equipment in a real war.

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Pictures courtesy og U.S Army
Surplus Military Hummer